Nathan & Elaina's Romantic Capitol Wedding, Pt. IV: Reception | Lynchburg Wedding Photographers at DAR Memorial Hall in Washington, D.C.

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Nathan and Elaina's reception was held at the DAR Memorial Hall in the center of Washington, D.C. The guests gathered in the lower level of the library while the bridal party's grand entrance took place in the balconies above. After cocktails, they enjoyed an amazing dinner catered by food trucks parked on the street just off the portico. It was so much fun! [H. - The awesome ladies at the Jamaican food truck even had giant vegetarian plates for us!!] 

There were tearful toasts by the maid of honor, the best man, and the parents. Then Nathan and Elaina went out on the portico for their first dance together - and, get this: Their song was the same song that was playing when they met years ago at a rooftop pool party. They had come full circle, surrounded by many of the same friends who were there that first day.

This wedding was a unique blend of the historic luxury that Washington D.C. offers, combined with amazingly sweet elements, like the table centerpieces that were hand-made by Nathan and Elaina using branches that they had found around their neighborhood. It was so high energy and vibrant, with almost 30 people shooting across 6 different locations across downtown, much of it in heavy traffic. But at the end of the night, as Nathan and Elaina snuggled in their pedicab and the driver cycled down the street into the dark, we knew their day was everything they had dreamed of.

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