The Love Story Behind the Cameras

jonathan mitchell with jonathan & hannah photography


Relentless perfectionist and former chef. Fluent in sarcasm and  The Office quotes. Surprisingly clumsy. Loves shopping for neckties and hot salsa.

hannah mitchell with jonathan & hannah photography


Creative visionary and a hippie. Gets through the day with coffee, wine, and La Croix. A nomad at heart and loves all things Mediterranean.



Being married is even more awesome than we imagined.

We grew up 649 miles apart and met at a coffee shop where we both worked during college. We became best friends and fell in love all at the same time. We found that we love working together to bring the kingdom of heaven nearer, and what better place than at the core of society: In the home, in marriage - and on the day it begins.

On your wedding day, when emotions run high and even the best laid plans can get derailed, don't let those things distract you from what's really important: the two of you and the incredible commitment you're making. We're wedding photographers, but we are husband and wife first. We're not just here to take photos - we're here to offer you a wedding experience that's free of stress and chaos, allowing you to truly experience the joy and peace that God wants for your wedding day.

And it's in those moments where our photography is at its best. It's in those moments of peace when your souls connect as bride and groom, and we can capture a photograph that your children and grandchildren will look back on and see what true love looks like - both right now and 50 years from now.


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