Nathan & Elaina's Romantic Capitol Wedding, Pt. II: The Ceremony | Lynchburg Wedding Photographers at St. Joseph's Cathedral in Washington, D.C.

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This was one of the first Catholic services that we had been part of in a very long time, and I can tell you with full confidence that not only was this the most gorgeous church we've ever photographed, but also one of the most beautiful ceremonies. The ceiling that stretched to the sky was painted a deep blue with a speckle of white to match the starry night. A massive organ filled the vaulted space with a beautiful melody as the cantor's voice echoed down below.

You could feel the anticipation growing in the air for Elaina's entrance, and she did not disappoint. Nathan was besides himself - completely and utterly blown away at the woman that the Lord has given to him. The service continued with scripture, worship, prayer, the exchanging of vows and rings, and a beautiful message from their priest on the celebration of marriage. It was breathtaking! As soon as the ceremony was over, the families assembled and began walking or calling Ubers to get to the Capitol building 5 blocks away for the portraits.

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