AJ & Emma's Autumn Engagement Session | Lynchburg Wedding Photographers in Evington, VA

AJ and Emma Engagement Session-30.jpg

It wasn't a beautiful day. It was one degree above freezing and raining. The weather app said there were storms all around us. But on this little patch of land where AJ and Emma have chosen to make their home, it was calm. The last of the autumn leaves had hung on to the trees a little bit longer here. The low clouds cast a soft light and somehow it didn't seem so cold.

Emma did amaaazing putting together her wardrobe and AJ complemented her perfectly. They're getting married just across the valley from where they will settle down, and that's where we started. They showed us around the property, wandering through the evergreens and following deer tracks wherever they led us. They danced together, flirted together, and snuggled together. It was the perfect, casual and fun engagement session for them! We can't wait for their wedding in 2018!

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