Nathan & Elaina's Romantic Capitol Wedding, Pt. III: The Portraits | Lynchburg Wedding Photographers in Washington, D.C.

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We convened at the steps of the Capitol and began taking bridal party photos and family photos. As we were shooting, we noticed over a dozen armed guards stationing themselves around our group! But they were wonderful gave us plenty of room to get the shots that Nathan and Elaina wanted. Then the caravan of Uber's took everyone else to the reception, while we hailed a cab and madly rushed across downtown to get to Nathan and Elaina's dream spot - the Lincoln Memorial at sunset.

There were hundreds of tourists at the Memorial. As we ran up the stairs, the crowds parted and began cheering for Nathan and Elaina! [H. - I was even tearing up at how emotional and exciting it was!] With every "congratulations!" that was yelled, Nathan would get the biggest grin on his face and yell back, "She said 'Yes!'" The people were so kind to move out of our way for many of the portraits, and our taxi driver back to their reception at the DAR didn't even charge us fare as a wedding gift to them. I know we said this in one of our Instagram posts, but it bears repeating: Marriage is so important and it is something to be celebrated! 

Their amazing reception at the DAR, complete with food trucks, is coming next.

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