Nathan & Elaina's Romantic Capitol Wedding, Pt. I: Getting Ready | Lynchburg Wedding Photographers in Washington, D.C.

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We didn't know if there would be any color left on the trees as we prepared for Nathan and Elaina's wedding. But as we drove from Lynchburg to Washington, the trees were bursting in color and we knew that they couldn't have timed their wedding better. The morning of their wedding, we left our townhouse in Georgetown and took an Uber for the first time ever to Elaina's family home where she was getting ready. Or so we thought. The driver dropped us 7 blocks away and, after we spent 10 minutes knocking at the wrong house (thank God the owners were gone) and sending Elaina confused texts, we grabbed our gear and ran (literally) the 7 blocks to her house!

When we finally arrived, Elaina was so calm as she had her hair and makeup done. She didn't miss even a little detail. Everything seemed as if it was exactly as she had envisioned it. Her bridesmaids were dressed in gorgeous burgundy gowns to complement her bouquet, and Elaina had a designer in Nevada create a completely custom wedding dress for her, a breathtaking fairytale ballgown with full-length lace sleeves. 

Meanwhile, a few blocks away, Nathan and the guys put on their tuxedos and relaxed on the porch in the cool breeze while they waited for go-time. Their townhouse was a 5-minute walk from the cathedral where they would be married. His parents and groomsmen walked ahead while he and his best man brought up the rear at a distance. Nathan was introspective and very confident. He had waited a long time for this day.

He entered the cathedral through a side entrance while Elaina and her bridesmaids arrived on the other side of the building in an UberBLACK, waiting for their cue. The street out front filled with taxis and Ubers as the guests starting arriving. The ceremony was minutes away from beginning... coming next.


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