Lucas & Olivia's Rustic Chic Wedding, Pt. III: Reception & Grand Exit | Virginia Wedding Photographers in Lynchburg

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City View by the James was filled with the aroma of breakfast. Not what you would expect at a wedding reception at night? Not quite, but it was fabulous. Hundreds of waffles, huge bowls of fresh fruit, mini frittatas, a coffee bar - not to mention the 3-tiered cake and hundreds of cupcakes made by one of her bridesmaids and her mother. It was a beautiful collaboration of friends to create a day that was uniquely Lucas and Olivia's.

At the end of the night, the crowds of guests filled every elevator down to the lobby and spilled into the street for Lucas & Olivia's grand exit. They had chosen to use classic poppers, and the guests worked it out perfectly so that the newlyweds wee flooded from every side with exploding streamers at the right moment! It was fantastic!!

We wish this beautiful couple a life of blessing and goodness. Why goodness and not happiness? Because not every moment is happy. Sometimes it's really hard to do the right things. But the good can permeate every moment. We love you two!

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