Lucas & Olivia's Engagement Session, Pt. II | Lynchburg Wedding Photographers in Altavista, VA

Lucas and Olivia Engagement-62.jpg

We asked Lucas and Olivia if they wanted to go somewhere awesome with us and they said yes. So we took them to the rubble of a 100-year-old factory complex. And it was awesome. It was getting colder and colder as the sun went down, but they were amazing, totally focused on each other and the sparks that were flying between them.

We wandered through skeletal remains of buildings and climbed over rubble. And where the concrete factory floor was crushed and had filled with rainwater, we photographed her beautiful engagement ring and got an amazing silhouette reflection of them in the water. It was epic, and we're so excited for their wedding in January 2018!

Jonathan MitchellComment