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Lucas & Olivia's beautiful winter wedding in downtown Lynchburg was our first wedding of 2018, and it was a blessing to start the year with friends like these. The morning started for the ladies at the Craddock Terry Hotel, a chic boutique hotel just a couple of blocks from their wedding venue. The suite on the third floor was filled with bridesmaids, bottle after bottle of hairspray, discarded shoes, and bouquets on every available tabletop. It was almost time to put on her dress, but first Olivia and her maid of honor (and best friend from forever ago) shook off some stress by jumping up and down on the giant king-size bed in the master suite. It was the. cutest. ever.

Her mother helped her slip into her dress before her bridesmaids came piling around the corner to see her for the first time. They had a few minutes to cry, to laugh, to ooooh! and aaaah!! over Olivia's dress - but just a few minutes, because her father and brothers were waiting downstairs to see her. You have to see her relationship with her brothers to understand how close they are, and it was absolutely perfect for her to share a first look with them. We're SO glad she made time for this.

Seven blocks away, the gentlemen were carb-loading bagels in a hotel room while Lucas paced the halls and looked for things to keep busy. There was no chance of him sitting down. 18 hours ago, he graduated from the police academy. He was growing up quickly and he gladly accepted the yoke of responsibility, with steady hand and pounding heart. 

He didn't have to wait long. It was time for him to find his bride. He couldn't see her yet, but they made time for a first look, no peek before the ceremony. Even if you choose not to see each other yet, a couple of minutes before the ceremony can do so, so much to calm nerves and find balance after a very busy morning.

But the morning was in the past and it was only 20 minutes until the ceremony... coming next.

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