Mitch & Megan Vaughan's Lifestyle Session | Virginia Wedding Photographers at Vaughan House

mitch and megan vaughan lynchburg forest va vaughan house lifestyle session by jonathan hannah photography

When we first started shooting weddings, we knew we would work with some of the greatest couples in Virginia - but we never expected the incredible relationships we would build with other photographers in our area. Mitch & Megan Vaughan have become dear friends of ours over the past couple of years. If you haven't heard of them, they're often called "the Chip and Joanna of wedding photography." When they're not being featured on NBC or CNN, they are best known for Megan's photography and Mitch's cinematography. After you take a peek of our morning lifestyle session with them, visit Vaughan House for yourself to see all they offer. [Unfortunately, it pales in comparison to the most famous member of the family - their rambunctious, ever-so-moody and ever-so-sweet son Max. Ohmygosh.]

During their session, Megan mentioned that when she first started taking care of her plants (please, stop and learn more about why she began here) she had to put a timer on her phone for when to water and fertilize them. After a while, she anticipated the alarm before it went off. A little longer still, and she didn't even need the timer anymore. I looked around their gorgeous home - I saw the green life bursting from pots in every room; I saw her son running around, bare belly and laughing; I saw her husband of 6 years still checking her out when he didn't think anyone was looking - and it hit me, that those same principles apply to the people we love, too. The things that we take the time to nurture and care for are the things that will grow and be full of life. Sometimes we have to "set timers" and force new habits, maybe we have a learning curve ahead, but eventually it's second nature to love your husband in his love languages, or to know when your child needs disciplining versus when they need some real quality time with you. It will come naturally one day.

We were so honored that they allowed us into their home, to be part of these sweet intimate moments. We love these sessions so much for many reasons, but one of them is that it literally freezes time in its tracks, and allows ourselves to see astounding beauty in the most mundane daily routines - like coffee around the kitchen table. Here are a few of our favorites - enjoy. <3