Caleb & Christina's Timeless Military Wedding, Pt. I: Getting Ready | Lynchburg Wedding Photographers at Mead Lake Lodge in Rustburg, VA

Oh my goodness, Christina and Caleb are literally the most joy-filled, sweet, and encouraging couple you will ever meet! We fell in love with them and their story long before ever meeting them for the first time. They met at Liberty University's School of Divinity, where Caleb was studying to become a chaplain in the Air Force and Christina was the secretary for the office. She was the first girl he met on his first day of grad school. He said he was smitten from the very first moment he saw her.

A few months later, his first semester had ended and there was a end-of-year banquet. He asked her to be his date for the evening, and she said yes! But immediately afterward, he had to leave for a 10-week training. He left his Air Force sweater with her, and she sent care packages filled with Shakespeare and cookies. She picked him up at the airport when he returned home, and the next day (August 1st) he asked her to be his girlfriend. Four months later, they were engaged!!

As they were planning their wedding, they knew they wanted it to be as close to August 1st as they could get, but they had to wait until they got Caleb's training dates. Once they got the dates, they began putting all the details into place. Then, one night during a basketball game with friends, Caleb severed his ACL and broke a kneecap. He couldn't go into training; he couldn't even leave his apartment. Christina was by his side the whole time, nursing him back to health as she stayed with her sister who lived nearby. It ended up being something of a blessing in disguise, because he was able to help Christina with all the wedding details!

Their wedding was 3 days early on July 29th, but it was the most beautiful day of the summer! The Lord was so gracious with the weather, sending clouds and wind just when we needed it, and pulling back the clouds for some incredible, fiery sunset photos. And Mead Lake Lodge couldn't have been more beautiful, either. The excitement and joyfulness that Caleb and Christina are so well known for was overflowing into every guest that day.

Featured Vendors:

Venue: Mead Lake Lodge, Rustburg Virginia 
Wedding Day Coordinator: Lisa Sliva
David's Bridal
Hair Stylist: About Face
M.C., Musician, and Vocalist: Andy Benton
Pianist: Robert Nanton
Videographer: Jesse Miller
Cake Artist:
Simply Irresistible by Loretta
Choice Hibachi

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