Derrick & Leah's Elegant Waterfront Wedding, Pt. IV: The Reception | Lynchburg Wedding Photographers at Silver Swan Bayside, Maryland

Derrick and Leah's Sunday morning wedding reception at Silver Swan Bayside was effortlessly elegant and unbelievably delicious. Their grand entrance led into their sweet first dance as husband and wife, followed immediately by the amaaaaaaazing brunch buffet. Who doesn't want a huge french toast breakfast at their reception?! SO GOOD. After speeches and toasts from her father, her baby sister, and his best man over mimosas, we stepped back outside for the father-daughter and mother-son dance. But we had no idea what was about to happen.

"Butterfly Kisses" almost immediately gave way into a massive DJ mash-up of old and new beats and a full-on choreographed dance-off between Leah, Derrick, her dad, and his mom!! It was EPIC. Then the dance floor opened and it never stopped. After an hour, Derrick grabbed Leah's hand and they snuck out to the water to sit and rest in private for a few minutes. It was almost time for them to leave by the time they went back inside, but they stayed for a few more songs while their boat was being prepared. Yes, their boat. All the guests lined the waterfront, waving and yelling as the pilothouse faded into the distance over the water. 

Happy sailing, you guys. Watch for the storms and rocks of marriage, and know that clear skies will return. <3

Featured Vendors:

Wedding Venue: Silver Swan Bayside
Wedding Coordinator: Jessica Oliver
Videographer: Mason Hillmar
Florist: Becky Paskill
DJ: DJ Paul
Cake Artist: Peace of Cake
Wedding Dress: David's bridal, Oleg Cassini 
Groom's Suit: JoS A Bank 
Catering: Silver Swan Bayside


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