Caleb & Christina's Timeless Military Wedding, Pt. II: Their First Look | Lynchburg Wedding Photographers at Mead Lake Lodge in Rustburg, VA

Christina and Caleb were SO excited to do a first look, and Mead Lake Lodge had so many beautiful places to do it. Caleb, dressed in his Air Force blues, waited patiently and eagerly on a dock to see his beautiful bride for the first time on their wedding day. As he waited, he was singing his favorite hymn at the top of his lungs out over the water. Inside the lodge, Christina's bridesmaids finished her hair and makeup and she made her way down to meet Caleb.

As soon as he turned around, he was overcome with tears and joy at the same time. Neither of them could believe this day had arrived. It was now. But first, they took time to pray together in privacy on the end of that dock before making their way to the ceremony.

Featured Vendors:

Venue: Mead Lake Lodge, Rustburg Virginia 
Wedding Day Coordinator: Lisa Sliva
David's Bridal
Hair Stylist: About Face
M.C., Musician, and Vocalist: Andy Benton
Pianist: Robert Nanton
Videographer: Jesse Miller
Cake Artist:
Simply Irresistible by Loretta
Choice Hibachi

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