Josh & Tabby's Intimate Backyard Wedding, Pt. I: Getting Ready | Lynchburg Wedding Photographers in Gretna, VA

As Tabby grew up, she knew that she wanted to get married at her grandparents' home. The historic home with a wrap-around porch and lush backyard was the perfect setting for her and Josh to commit their lives to each other. A powerful legacy of love and commitment that has been passed down to them through their loved ones. The love and support of their family and friends was displayed in the beautiful details they filled the home with on this gorgeous June day. 

Tabby and her closest friends, sister, and mom were all there to help her prepare for her wedding day. Anyone that remotely knows the Patterson family knows they love to laugh. And from the moment they woke up that morning until it was time to say "I do", laughter and worship music flowed through that home. The laughter was a much needed distraction to keep the joyful tears at bay. 

Not too far down the street, music was pounding out the door of their church as Josh, his brother, and his soon-to-be brother in law were getting dressed and wrapping up Tabby's wedding day gift.

Right before Tabby finished her details, Josh's Grandma stepped in to see her for a quick moment. She gave her a sixpence that had been passed down for generations. Each woman in the family had placed it in her shoe for prosperity and good fortune for the newly married couple as they embark on the new journey together.