Josh & Tabby's Intimate Backyard Wedding, Pt. II: First Look, No Peek | Lynchburg Wedding Photographers in Gretna, VA

Josh and Tabby wanted to do a "first look, no peek" before their ceremony. They decided to wait until the ceremony for him to see her for the first time, but they still wanted to take a moment together privately before it all started, to pray together and exchange their gifts.

The anticipation was so high as Josh waited for Tabby to come outside on the porch of her grandparents' house. Tabby couldn't stop smiling and occasionally even a little giggle of joy would spill out, she was so excited. Josh had written Tabby a stack of cards for her to read later on, and he gave her a necklace to wear down the aisle. Tabby had written Josh a sweet note and gave him a beautiful, classic wristwatch.

After they opened their gifts, Josh took the lead and prayed for them as they take the next step in their relationship - committing their lives together, before God and man.