The Enneagram Test: The Peacemaker and the Investigator, A Love Story

Image Credit: Emily Kathryn Photography

Image Credit: Emily Kathryn Photography

The other day a wonderful friend told us about this personality test that she and her husband had taken, and that it had really helped them in their marriage to understand one another better. She was telling us that, unlike other personality tests that only tell you about your characteristics, the Enneagram tells you why you do what you do.

Not going to lie, when she was telling us about it, 1) I felt like what she was saying was too good to be true. Like, why would I need this test to tell me more about my husband than I already know? And 2) I thought I knew what I was before even taking the test. Boy, was I wrong on both accounts!

I found out that I make decisions primarily based on keeping peace, both around me and within me. But I'm also very confident and decisive. And Jonathan only makes decisions once he understands something well. He is also responsible and engaging. 

He won't buy a car without researching everything about every make and model and all its competitors. I know that whatever decision he makes for our family that it LITERALLY (yes, read that in the voice of Chris Traeger from Parks & Rec) is the best decision for our family because I know it's been well researched. On the flip side of that, I now can have more understanding for it taking him a while to make a decision because I know that he's educating himself to know what is best for our family. 

I'd really encourage you as husband and wife - or as future husbands and wives - to take the quiz to see what you are and why your partner does what they do.

The Quiz is here. And once you get your results, here is more information on each one.

Bonus: As your wedding photographers, you can be confident that Jonathan knows our gear through and through and has exhaustively researched every piece of it. And meanwhile, know that I will do everything in my power to keep your day the most peaceful experience of your life. 

Now, go love your fiance better! <3