Garrett & Caitlin's Mountaintop Estate Engagement Session in Raphine, Virginia

Garrett and Caitlin Engagement Session-42.jpg

Okay, here’s what happened. Garrett & Caitlin met almost three years ago when they were moving each of their respective best friends in together. They all went out for drinks after, and in the car on the way to the bar, Backstreet Boys came on the radio. When they got the iconic line, Garrett suddenly belts it out - “Backstreet boys, ALRIGHT!” And in that moment, Caitlin knew that he was the one she was going to marry. She even messaged her friends to tell them. She immediately broke up with her boyfriend, although it wouldn’t be until a month later that she and Garrett actually went out on a date. He noticed her, too, and he knew she was different than most girls. She wasn’t about the drama, and that was the first, and biggest, thing that attracted him to her. She was a woman of peace.

We met at his grandfather’s estate for their engagement session. He purchased this massive farm in the 1970s for his wife, Garrett’s grandmother, and built a home on the side of the mountain for her. We started their session where Garrett took Caitlin for their second date. It was originally called Cedar Hill, but now it’s affectionately known as Murder Hill, because at the time Caitlin wasn’t sure if he was bringing her up to this remote hilltop on his grandparents’ estate in the back of his pickup truck to murder her or not. 😂

He proposed to her at her grandmother’s beach house on the Chesapeake Bay. After several fake proposals, she wasn’t sure if he was serious about this one or not, but as her mom freaked out holding the camera and as he pulled out a ring, she was pretty sure this one was for real. Now they’re planning a huge fall wedding for 2019, if they can only find a venue big enough to hold both of their massive families!

Enjoy these beautiful moments from their session. 😍

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