Samuel & Mariah's Enchanted Forest Engagement Session at Dismal Falls, Virginia

Sam and Mariah Engagement Session-26.jpg

There aren’t enough words for Sam & Mariah, or for how this morning engagement session turned out. Sam flew in from Ohio, and this was one of the very few times during their engagement that Sam and Mariah were able to spend time face-to-face. So we made the most of it.

Dismal Falls is in the middle of nowhere and if you’re not careful, you will totally miss it. There’s no pull-off, no parking lot, barely any trail. But once you push through into the forest, it’s like walking into Narnia. The rocky terrain opens onto a cold, rushing mountain spring that cascades down the dismall falls. Trails twist and turn through the woods, down cliffs and over giant boulders. During flood season, much of this area is under water, but right now it was perfect for their adventurous engagement session!

Their wedding LITERALLY can’t get here soon enough. We’re so excited to spend more time with them - and for them to stop all of this long distance nonsense.