Emanuel & Chloe's Lifestyle Engagement Session at Lynchburg, Virginia - Pt. II: Percival's Island

Emy and Chloe Engagement Session-81.jpg

Emanuel is from Romania, probably a distant grandson of the Jewish community there, but most public records were destroyed in the War. Chloe is from South Africa, the granddaughter of a missionary who never left the community he loved. They grew up worlds apart, but they met studying here in Lynchburg. Although many of their families are flying in from both continents for their wedding, there are also many family members who aren't able to make the journey. And that makes the photos they're able to send back home all the more important.

So when Chloe made a comment about nice it would be to jump in the water during their  engagement session, I knew it needed to really happen. This isn't just memorable for Emy and Chloe, but their families are never going to forget these photos either. We saw Chloe again just two days after their session, and she told us that her 15-year-old niece back home had already seen the session and LOVED the photos of them kissing in the water. She, along with her great grandmother and many others, will be staying up all night in South Africa to watch Emy & Chloe's wedding on Facebook Live.

Which means that her niece is now being inspired by their love story. She's seeing romance and adventure alongside profound commitment and biblical love. Whether they realize it or not, Emy & Chloe's legacy is already shaping the next generation.

Although at the time, I think they were more concerned about the dozens of fish swimming up Chloe's dress in the river.