Emanuel & Chloe's Lifestyle Engagement Session at Lynchburg, Virginia - Pt. I: Downtown

Emy and Chloe Engagement Session-17.jpg

When we met Emy & Chloe for coffee before their shoot, we quickly realized this one was going to be different. Because they're planning a wedding while living two hours apart, relocating, and finding a home to move into together after the wedding, all while still working demanding jobs. This engagement session truly gave them a chance to reconnect, and they needed that tonight.

So there was no transition from, "let's get coffee and talk" into "let's start your session." It was thoroughly organic. This was really them having an intimate conversation over coffee. This was really them walking down the street, telling us about how he proposed on the bluff walk just up the hill; and then going to sit on the bench where he proposed and telling the same awful joke he told Chloe months ago. And she still laughed at it.

The day Emy proposed, was the day he told her that he loved her for the first time. He was convicted about this by a famous quote from Jesus: For God so loved the world, He gave His son. Love anticipates action, or it is not love at all. So when Emy declared his love for Chloe, he knew he must immediately follow by committing it all to her.

They continued their walk through town, catching up on recent events and telling us stories about their relationship. But it was a hot summer day, so we returned to Dublin 3 for more iced coffee, and that was when Chloe had an idea - wouldn't it feel good to get in the water?

And they really got in the water. Coming in Pt. II.