Josh & Jenny's Elegant B&B Wedding, Pt. I: Getting Ready | Virginia Wedding Photographers at Marriott Ranch in Hume, VA

Josh and Jenny Wedding Day-12.jpg

Josh was up all night, walking the property at the Marriott Ranch with his brother-in-law to-be, his cousin, and his best friend - and a few good drinks. They raided Marriott's kitchen and had burgers at 3am. But when we arrived on their wedding day, you would never know any of that. Just an hour before the ceremony, we found him in the main house checking on last details and guiding people to where they needed to be. He was calm, level-headed, and endlessly gracious. He had been preparing for this day for 7 years. There wasn't a doubt in his mind that he had found the only woman he would ever marry.

Jenny, meanwhile, was in a tremendous rush to see Josh. We've never seen a bride get in her dress so quickly, but she had a very special surprise for their First Look. It's nearly impossible to surprise him, and she knew that he would never expect it now. She was right. He's loved horror films since he was 8 years old, and when he turned around, he was faced with his bride in a Freddie Kruger mask and machete! She finally surprised him! In all seriousness thought, can we talk about how absolutely stunning she is in her bridal portraits? 

The sweet little buttons on her bouquet were from her great-grandmother's wedding dress. Her wedding it wasn't anything like it is today. Her great-grandmother just put on the best dress that she owned and they went to get married. It just so happened that the dress was blue, so Jenny (and her mother, and her grandmother) had something borrowed and something blue in the same heirloom - along with a legacy of strong marriages in each generation before her.

Their Creative Team

Venue: Marriott Ranch Business Office & Inn at Fairfield Farm
Coordinator: Jennifer Seo
Florist: Shelley Campbell with Shelley's Floral Enterprise 
DJ: Jeremy with Musical DJ's 
Cake Artist: Eloise's Pastries
Caterer: Marriott Ranch 
Dress Designer: Demetrios 
Hair and Makeup Artist: Monique & Tani with TC Beauty Care