Jim & Jasmine's Wilderness Engagement Session at White Falls, Virginia

Jim and Jasmine Engagement Session-17.jpg

A police officer and a teacher. Jim and Jasmine's is not the first love story to begin like this. A long, long time before they both swiped right on Tinder, they had known each other as young teens and Jasmine even had a crush on Jim at one time.

Soon they’ll be getting married. Next fall at Gentry Farm, forging their lives together and beginning to raise up the next generation of peace-keepers, teachers, and crime-fighters! It won't be easy, but they both have an incredibly supportive and understanding spouse to come home to. Changing the world isn't for the faint of heart.

When trying to decide where they wanted to do their engagement session, Jasmine was so excited about this little spot in the woods where they used to come hang out as teenagers. And it was the perfect place to capture this season of their love story so many years in the making.