Calen & Kristen's Black Tie Spring Wedding, Pt. III: Bride & Groom Portraits | Virginia Wedding Photographers at Sierra Vista

A wedding with Megan Vaughan Photography

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They were texting all morning, but they didn't get to see each other until Kristen walked down the aisle. You could cut their nervous anxiety with a knife, but all it took was the touch of a hand to make it go away. She relaxed into his arms and he was able to breathe again. While their bridesmaids and groomsmen watched nearby, we took their very first portraits as husband and wife together in the trees and driveways surrounding Sierra Vista.

But sunsets at Sierra Vista are something else entirely, and God put on a really good one for Calen and Kristen. As the exhaustion of their wedding day caught up to them, they sank into each other's arms and enjoyed the quiet hills and enormous skies. That same profound peace between them that existed there - may it never cease.