Calen & Kristen's Black Tie Spring Wedding, Pt. I: Getting Ready | Virginia Wedding Photographers at Sierra Vista

A wedding with Megan Vaughan Photography

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The new bridal suite at Sierra Vista was tranquil when we arrived on this beautiful Saturday morning. Marianne, the venue owner and mom of every single bride who comes through her doors, was working tirelessly to finish setting up for the day. Kristen arrived, a fidgety vision in her gown as she waited to see her groom for the first time. Her bridesmaids and her mom crowded in the hallway just outside the door of the bridal suite, jaws on the floor and clumps of tissues in hand, as we did her first bridal portraits.

At the cabin across the ridge, Calen was just as eager to see his bride, and he made sure all the groomsmen were suited up and ready to roll before we even got there. Just outside the cabin doors, the ceremony site on the hillside was almost ready. Massive bouquets of florals arrived over top of whiskey barrels, the violinists took their place on the porch, and we were ready to begin.