Vince & Nasia's Mountaintop Engagement Session, Pt. II: The Summit | Washington D.C. Wedding Photographers at Shenandoah National Park

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We came up on the summit of Little Stony Man, and the wind tore around us as we watched eagles circling in the distance - down below us. Vince & Nasia had found their place and they were at peace on top of Virginia, experiencing this breathtaking landscape together. The sun sank low and the thick haze over the Shenandoah Valley began to just burn up in the golden hour light. These moments were jaw-dropping and as the camera shutter clicked-clicked-clicked, it was hard to believe it was all real. Vince & Nasia, thank you for going on this adventure, and for bringing us alongside you. They're in Italy as we write this, but our next adventure together begins at their wedding in 2019.