Vince & Nasia's Mountaintop Engagement Session, Pt. I: The Climb | Washington D.C. Wedding Photographers at Shenandoah National Park

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It was so important to Nasia that her husband was her best friend first. She knew that a lasting marriage needed a deep, deep committed friendship at its core. Anything less than that, she wasn't interested in pursuing. And that's how she and Vince got started - just coworkers, then friends, even close enough that he counted on her for relationship advice. As for her - she wasn't even interested in dating. Nobody could crack her shell. And the thought of dating each other didn't ever cross their minds... until one day, when it did. 

Since then, they've traveled all over the country together, exploring new cities and becoming closer friends than ever before. They're silly, they're sarcastic, and they're kinda crazy about each other.

When we started talking about locations for their engagement session, we knew it was going to be somewhere that fit with their adventurous spirits. And oh my gosh, did we find the right spot! Not too far southwest of Washington DC, up winding mountain roads along the Blue Ridge Parkway, sits Little Stony Man Mountain. The name is deceptive - it's not little. But it is stony. Its gentle sloping hike and craggy peak were the perfect backdrop to tell the story of their romance.