The Relaunch of Jonathan & Hannah Photography

the relaunch of jonathan and hannah

9 months ago, we sat down and started talking about the direction of our photography and the message that we wanted our art and our brand to carry. At that time, we had no idea how intimate this would become for us, or the months of conversations, reflection, and brainstorming that would go into it.


We worked with Shelby Goodman from Honeysuckle {Blog + Shop} to develop a brand and an experience for our clients that captured both our style and our passions. Hannah and I had many long conversations about exactly why we're doing this, why we're photographers, what we want to share with our clients, and how we want to use our photography to impact the world and bring the kingdom of Heaven near.

It came down to this: Shalom Bayit. It means "peace at home." It's more than just peace, though; shalom is derived from a root word denoting wholeness and completeness. It is a peace that overcomes strife, quarrel, enmity, and war. It is a manifestation of divine grace. We believe so strongly in this concept that we both had it tattooed on our forearms last year. The covenant between husband and wife is a fortress against the evil in this world, and it's also a wellspring from which all good things flow - a happy home, healthy children, a positive impact on our community, and a life of love and holiness before God.

And what's the ancient sign of peace and divine grace? The olive tree. The tree itself is almost indestructible. Despite drought, disease, or ravaging fire, a shoot will always rise from the roots. After the great flood, it was an olive branch that signaled the waters had receded and the world was at peace again. Our new logo is wrapped in olive branches to symbolize both the peace of marriage but also the hope that, when marriage gets hard, peace will be restored.


As we turn the focus of our photography to the relationship between husband and wife, we are especially invested in weddings and anniversary sessions. The moments that we capture in our photography are intended to be printed on wood and canvas, displayed in your home, and seen every day. Even on the hard days. Especially on the hard days. At times like that, your prints are a reminder of what's most important: Your love for each other. When things get hard, you can look at those prints on the wall and you know that the hard part will pass. You will fall in love again. Peace is near. 

Wood Prints

We are so excited about our brand new Wood Prints. They are individually handmade at a small woodshop in the Netherlands using reclaimed lumber from India, and not only are they absolutely stunning, they possess the highest quality and durability that we could find anywhere in order for you to be able to pass your timeless images to your children, and one day they can pass them to their children as well.


It wouldn't be a brand relaunch if we didn't have gifts for you guys!

love necklace.jpg
  • The first giveaway is for a necklace from one of our favorite companies, Lovishly! This piece is distressed silver, 3/4" circle with 18" chain, etched with "love" on the front and a quote from C.S. Lewis on the back. You can read more about the piece and the charity behind it here.
  • $20 gift card to Target
  • $10 gift card to Starbucks

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We cannot tell you how excited we are about 2016, nor can we express how thankful we are for the many friends who have supported and encouraged us already! It is an amazing thing to do what we love and make our dreams a reality. We must especially thank Shelby for designing a brand that is so close to our hearts, and Adam Mullins Photography for capturing the images of us and our family that you see in our branding and across our website that are so authentic to who we are.

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