Our first Tuesdays Together


When we first started running a business, I had the competition mentality. I don't know why or where I got it, but I did. I believed there was X amount of dollars and every business was after those dollar signs. I can't even begin to tell you how unhealthy a mentality like that is... no, how absolutely destructive it is!

Just like I can't remember where I got that mentality, I can't remember when I had the switch - or where the progress came from. As soon as I saw the Rising Tide Society and what they were doing, I knew that in some way, we must be a part of it

A rising tide lifts all boats.

If you aren't familiar with them, their whole basis is "Community over Competition"; that when we help one another out, we all succeed together. 

We have been so blessed with our community. There is an incredible group of entrepreneurs here who have loved on us and helped us succeed in our business. But we knew that we needed to expand our community. Enter the Rising Tide Society. They have montly meetings called Tuesdays Together that give local creatives the opportunity to get together and encourage one another. It was the perfect opportunity for us. 

This month's Tuesday's Together was hosted by Marianne Hardey at the absolutely breathtaking Sierra Vista. We talked about goals - what to set, how to set them, and what goals we have for this coming year. I'll tell you Jonathan and I had a rough idea of some of our goals for this year, but we hadn't actually written them down and put steps to fulfilling them. It was very good for us to do that. 

But beyond that, we had an incredible time meeting other creatives. We were so encouraged that we weren't alone, or that our struggles weren't baseless. Jonathan and I both have a heart to teach and encourage others in their businesses. It was so refreshing to be able to encourage others in their struggles as well. 

So thank you so much, Rising Tide Society for putting together these meetings. Thank you Marianne for hosting us! And thank you to all the other creatives that we met that evening. We're so grateful for this opportunity and we will definitely be back!