Breck & Emelyn's Engagement Session, Pt. I | Lynchburg Wedding Photographers in Evington, VA

If you drive down this one winding country road and take a sharp turn on a blind corner, down a gravel rut, you'll come across a red house tucked back in the forest. It belonged to Breck's grandfather, and now the boy who grew up exploring that woodland has inherited an enormous cattle ranch in the foothills of the Blue Ridge. 

He says that he had resigned himself to a life of solitude, when a mutual friend introduced him to this girl named Emelyn. The had lunch together at a local coffee shop (the same coffee shop where we met!) and, well, he'll never have to be alone again. It came as a surprise to both of them, but when you spend time with them, you see that it couldn't be any other way. They're perfect together.

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