Brandon & Anna's Classic Spring Engagement Session, Pt. II: The Beach | Virginia Wedding Photographers

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Let's rewind a minute. 

We first met Brandon and Anna at the Lynchburg Bridal Expo. We were SO excited for them and couldn't wait to talk about their wedding. As we were discussing their plans, they realized that a local, big wedding wan't what they wanted. So they stopped, they talked about it together, and they decided to move their wedding to Sandal's Resort in Jamaica! Our hearts were happy for them for doing what was right for them on their wedding day, but we were sad that we weren't able to join them on the Island.

But Brandon and Anna gave us a challenge: Can we make part of their engagement session look like it was at the beach... at the beginning of April... in Lynchburg Virginia. Challenge accepted, friends. They threw on their best tropical outfits and we hit the sandy shore as the sun went down. They walked along the beach, he almost threw her in the water, and they snuggled in the sand. Anna told us the stories behind Brandon's tattoos - the most recent one being the cursive "always" etched on his arm, a reminder of their everlasting recommitment to each other. We love serving couples that take their commitment seriously, and we wish Brandon and Anna the very, very best as they begin their marriage in Jamaica.

We'll have a few margaritas in your honor!