Brandon & Anna's Classic Spring Engagement Session, Pt. I: The City | Virginia Wedding Photographers

Lynchburg virginia downtown engagement jonathan hannah wedding photography

For Brandon and Anna, their love story began when they were just teenagers. They've been by each other's sides through thick and thin over the years, and while not every moment has been glamorous, every moment has been worth it. They spent a lot of that time early on roaming the streets of downtown Lynchburg, enjoying the beautiful city and delicious food. It was only fitting for us to take them back downtown to capture their love story amidst the dogwood blossoms.

Anna's engagement ring was Brandon's grandmother's ring. He had no idea that she would give it to him to propose to Anna with. The fact that she did confirmed for him that he really had found the right girl. 

The sun dropped behind the taller buildings downtown, and we packed up and headed for the beach... believe it or not, coming next!