#FamilyFriday with the Parkers

If you're from the area, you probably already know these faces. If you aren't, but follow us here, then you probably recognize them from their Family Session they had with us last year! It's kind of funny as you think back when you first met someone. Jonathan was my soccer coach and taught us editorial writing in my high school yearbook class! That just blows my mind! At that time he and his beautiful bride had only been married a few years. And now look at their GROWING family! Anna is going to be a big sister at the end of this year!

Jonathan and Becky have always been such an incredible support in our lives. I don't know what I would have done without them through the course of my pregnancy and as we raise Hadassah. It has been amazing to watch them grow and develop as parents. They are so humble and are so hungry to know what is the best for their family. They aren't afraid to stand up for what they believe, from faith, to parenting, to health. And we couldn't have been more blessed to have them as our guests on the blog this week. I hope it's as encouraging to you as it was to us.

Becky, thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer these questions for us! You guys are doing an amazing job. Blessings to you and your family!

What are the last 5 things you guys do before going to bed?

- Go outside to see the moon and stars, if they're visible
- Read nighttime books
- Brush teeth
- Say prayers
- Say goodnight and snuggle!

What is it that you can't go a day without doing?

We can't go a day without listening to Anna's favorite song. It's the theme song from our VBS this year, "Journey Off the Map."

If you could have coffee with anyone in history, who would that be and what would you want to talk about?

Jesus. Too many things to list that I'd want to talk about, but one of the most important would be to make sure we are living and raising our child according to His will.

What is your perfect dessert (if there were no following consequences)?

Brownie sundae with whipped cream and hot fudge!

Tell us a little bit about your family!

Jonathan and I have been married for 13 years - we met in high school. We had Anna 2 1/2 years ago , and we're expecting our second in December! 

What is your greatest struggle when it comes to living out Deuteronomy 6:7?

The greatest struggle so far has been the self-discipline this requires. It requires constantly evaluating our own thoughts, words, and actions. To really live out this command before our children's eyes is so much more than just attending church or occasionally reading scripture. It is daily self-discipline to be sure we are living out what we want our children to model as they grow. We try every day to do this with Anna, although we make many mistakes, we are committed to reading scripture, praying, and trying hard to reflect God in the way we live and parent each day. We know we have made and will continue to make mistakes in living this out. We are fully aware that our children will make mistakes too. This is why we hope to let God's love and grace be center in how we parent our children. We as parents are so very thankful for the grace of God given through Jesus, and we want extend that to our children as well.

What was one way that your parents knocked it out of the park raising you in this command?

We both feel very blessed that our parents were committed to being certain we were both given the message of the gospel from a very early age. I would encourage other families trying to have a Godly home to rely fully on God's grace. Mistakes will inevitably come, but praise to the Lord that He has given us His grace and mercy. God has given us so much to help us and we can rely on His word, the Holy Spirit, and constant prayer to guide us in our way as parents.

Where's the strangest place you had to change a diaper?

Daddy was by himself, and it was a dirty. Don't know all the details, but pretty sure it was traumatic for both!

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