Cedar Forest, VA | Linda & Andy's 50th Anniversary

Linda and Andy had no idea what was about to happen. Their two beautiful daughters, Jessica and Laura, and their families worked behind their backs for months, and together they pulled off the surprise party of the century... or at least half the century ;) Jessica and Laura had planned to hold a music recital for all the grandchildren to perform in (they are all very talented), But Linda - or Gaggy, as she is lovingly called by almost everyone - said, "No, the grandkids just aren't ready for a performance." While Jessica and Laura were frantically trying to come up with another cover story, little did they know that when Andy (AKA Pa) went into the hospital with chest pains, their cover story would be created. The church picnic had to be rescheduled, and it became the most convincing cover story ever. It couldn't have worked out more perfectly! 

There was so much blood, sweat, and tears that went into this event to make it happen. Many, many hands helped. Hundreds of miles were traveled for loved ones to be there. So much food that had to be prepared. Long, sleepless nights to get every last detail together. They were both completely surprised! Well, except Pa knew something was happening - early that morning, he walked in on his daughter frosting a three-tiered wedding cake. 

After Gaggy and Pa made their way through the crowd, hugging babies and old friends and everyone in between, they were able to catch their breath. We all ate a bountiful meal together. I'm pretty sure 98% of it was all made from scratch. Can you say Ah-mazing!?! Then the grandkids (despite what their grandmother had said about them not being ready to perform), sang "Darlin' Companion", "In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning", "Look at the World", and their very own version of "An Old Rocking Chair" with new lyrics, all to honor the past 50 years of their marriage. Afterward, Gaggy stood up to say her thanks - and ended up preaching the gospel message!

There was dancing, swimming, and a whole lot of fellowshipping that went on as the evening dwindled down. We were able to grab the whole family away for a few minutes to capture their photos together. It was the perfect day!

Happy 50 years, Gaggy and Pa! Thank you for being such an incredible example of what marriage is intended to be! May you have many, many more amazing years together! 

One last quick story. When Pa proposed to Gaggy all those many years ago, he didn't have money to buy her an engagement ring. He did have a cigar, so he pulled the wrapper off and placed that on her finger instead. So their daughter and granddaughter found hundreds of old cigar wrappers on eBay and wrapped them around shortbread cookies. How sweet is that? (No pun intended, ha!)  

Jonathan MitchellComment