Hurt, VA | Leahy Family Session

Time is so fleeting! I can't even begin to tell you how amazing an opportunity we had a couple of weeks ago. As a family grows and expands and travels different paths, it becomes so hard to get everyone together. This wonderful family had everyone together and they snatched that opportunity! I cannot tell you how important it is to grab these precious moments!

This session was scheduled during an exciting but incredibly chaotic 2 months in their lives, and it was only a few days before the parents, Tim and Renae, packed up and moved out of their home. The Lord is calling them to the Virginia Beach area, where they can be close to their grandchildren, and Tim will be working as a truck driver. I'm blown away with how much they've done for the Kingdom of God here in our little little town in the past decade, and it's going to be amazing to see what God has in store for them in this next chapter of their lives. 

Tim and Renae's eldest daughter, Bailey, married Sam, and they have the three most adorable children, Adriana (6), Valerie (4), and William (6 months). Sam serves in the Coast Guard and they have began to put down roots in Virginia beach. I can't believe they are about to celebrate their 8th anniversary! 

Bailey asked specifically for this location because this is where her and Sam made their covenant together. I love that we were able to recreate one of the images from their wedding day. They were such kids! And look at them now - parents of three beautiful children of their own, and still in love with each other.

Speaking of being in love, Kyle, exactly 45 hours after this session, tied the knot with his gorgeous bride, Alyssa (you may recognize them from the engagement session we did with them). They are currently living in Lynchburg and are hoping to find a place close to family as well! 

Miss Candice is currently living in Texas! She is getting ready to go back to school to get her BS in Business and Accounting. She is working and enjoying spending time with her boyfriend, Leo. 

Miss Cailin also resides in Virginia Beach, and actually lives with Bailey and Sam as the Awesomest Nanny-Aunt Ever. She is about to graduate EMS school where she will be a student by day and wear her EMS/Batman cape by night (this is to save the world, not just to look awesome)! And when she has a little free time (ha, ha!) she manages to spend time with her long-distance boyfriend, David. 

Mr. Depack is living in North Carolina with his grandmother. He loves working with plants and animals, and is actually able to fulfill that with his job at Petsmart!

The day after their session, Tim gave his last words of encouragement to their church family: Be in God's word every day, and serve your community. Just like you wouldn't go a day without eating food, don't go a day without taking in the bread of life. We can personally attest to their faith and love overflowing into their community around them and changing lives. This family will be missed! Thank you, Tim and Renae, for allowing us to capture these beautiful moments in your family's life.