Liberty University, VA | Trossen Family Session

As professional wedding photographers who photograph love for a living, I think we end up photographing the people we love the most the least! It’s like the mechanic whose wife’s car is broken down or the orthodontist whose children have crooked teeth, right? Oftentimes, the ones closest to us have to wait in line when they should be first. And that’s kind of a metaphor for life if we’re not careful, too, isn’t it?
— Amy Demos, Amy and Jordan Photography

Seriously, can I get an amen!?! Having our family so spread out, it's almost impossible to get us all together, all feeling well, and dressed well. So when mom asked to take some family pictures this summer, it was very bitter-sweet for me. Again, it was just a reminder that we don't all share the same zip code. But she was exactly right in doing it with what we had. So here's our family, at least a few of them. Here's to making them a priority this year! Speaking of which, we still have Hadassah's first birthday to edit... from 4 months ago. Hashtag fail. :/ 

This was more than just a family session. My parents just celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary! I can't even begin to tell you what an incredible example they have been for us of what a godly marriage looks like. Their love is deep. It is not easily shaken and is long-suffering. We're so blessed to call them our parents (despite the fact that my mother cloned me)! Happy anniversary, guys! We love you! 

And it's really amazing that we get any decent shots of us. Here's what we're really like :) 

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