Batgirl and Cat-Haman, Vol. II

Celebrating the Jewish feasts are one of our favorite things to do throughout the year. I mean, seriously, there's A TON of ahmazing food at each one! This past week was Purim, which is the feast that was started after Queen Esther saved her people from annihilation. Oh no! A little known fact about Queen Esther is that her given Hebrew name was Hadassah. According to Hollywood, she changed it so they wouldn't know her identity as a Jew. This is who we named our daughter after! And an even less known fact is that the eunuch who delivered messages for Queen Esther was named Hatach. This is who we named our cat after. Yes, he is a eunuch himself... 

For Jonathan's first Fathers Day gift I made a comic, "Batgirl and Cat-Hatach, Vol. I". In that story, Hadassah cried all night long and Daddy wasn't able to wake up because Cat-Hatach stole all the coffee. So Hadassah transformed into Batgirl and battled Cat-Hatach for the coffee, saving her Daddy's first Fathers Day!

And so here is their second great adventure! Hadassah saving her people from Cat-Haman!  


Queen Esther played by Hadassah
Haman played by Hatach in a black collar
Hatach played by Hatach