Moore Lifestyle Session | Altavista, VA

We've known Dale and Lisa for about ten years now. Lisa was my principal in high school, and Dale was one of my first bosses. (And a couple of years after he hired me, he hired the man who is now my husband!) It has been an amazing opportunity to watch and learn from them, whether it's about faith, how to have a healthy marriage, or how to run a successful business. 

They have a genuine passion for each other and for their community, and that was never more obvious than during the afternoon that we spent with them on their farm. We spent time in the kitchen as they baked muffins and started on dinner preparation. We shared recipes, talked shop and books, and shared ideas about our community. Then we went with them out to the barn to feed the cows and pigs, and tend their beehives (and Dale couldn't resist the chance to pull out his tractor and haul some hay). They've been such a blessing to us over the last few years, and I know they're a tremendous blessing to many others. Enjoy their lifestyle session!