Zachary & Michaela's Golf Resort Engagement Session at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia

Zach and Michaela Engagement Session-15.jpg

From the first moment meeting Zach & Michaela, they were making each other laugh. And it never stopped through their entire session as we watched the sunset from the waterfront at Smith Mountain Lake.

They went to high school together. They knew each other, they spent a little time together, but they never dated. They always had feelings for each other, but each one was too scared to tell the other. It wasn’t the right time and they hadn’t grown into the right people yet.

But a few years into college, Zach made a move. He asked to get together and catch up. Their friendship rekindled and Michaela found herself wanting to love him more than anything else. She loved his humor and his compassionate heart and she fell hard for him. But the jigsaw pieces of their souls had found the spot they fit, and if you’ve had a similar experience then you know - it’s hard to remember life before this love existed.

We hope you enjoy these incredibly joyful moments from their engagement session!

Jonathan MitchellComment