Zach & Liz's Destination Engagement Session, Pt. I | Virginia Wedding Photographers at Oak Alley, New Orleans

destination engagement session at oak alley plantation new orleans louisiana by jonathan hannah photography

When she was a child, it was Liz's dream to come here. Her family home was not far away, in the bayou lands west of New Orleans. She remembers driving by this mansion, peeking over the edge of the car door and seeing the massive old oak trees arching across the driveway. She grew up and went to college and moved across the country, but she never forgot those old oaks.

When we met Liz and Zach and started talking about their engagement session, Liz suddenly remembered. She told us about Oak Alley Plantation and, maybe it was just a crazy dream, but she always wanted to go there. 

It wasn't just a crazy dream. So we went there. They drove cross-country and we flew to New Orleans to meet them early one autumn morning at Oak Alley. It was more beautiful than any of us expected.

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