Lynchburg, VA | Terrie & Clark's Wedding

On the morning of their wedding, the forecast said it was going to rain all day. But it seemed like God's favor was upon this wedding, because not a drop of rain fell all day. It was a gorgeous August afternoon for a wedding with this gorgeous family!

Terrie & Clark 1.jpg

When we arrived at Worley Chapel on LU's campus it was completely calm and silent. It didn't last very long though, soon Terrie's sister was rushing around putting finishing touches on everything. Shortly after that, the groom, Clark came walking nervously into the chapel. He was dressed so sharp in his suit and the joy in his eyes was contagious. He had been waiting for this day for a long time. 

The chapel was overflowing with guests and God's grace! Terrie, Clark, and both their families went through so much to get to this day. Their kids were their bridal party and Terrie's oldest son walked her down the aisle, where all the siblings gave her away. 

A year ago, Terrie told her kids that she wanted to begin dating again. They talked about many things, including her standards. And her youngest son told her, "Whoa, mom, you may have to lower your standards." What a testament to how incredible our God is that she didn't have to relax even one standard and that her children could see that as well. 

During the service, Jonathan Falwell spoke so highly of each of the families, their grace, and their perseverance to getting to this place. The new family decided to pour sand into a unity jar - all of them, blended together as one. It was absolutely beautiful. And then, in good LU style, they finished the ceremony with a team huddle!

The reception was at Camp Hydaway, where they both had volunteered many times over the years. The hall was  filled with so much love, laughter, and joy for these families coming together as one.

They did an incredible job at planning this day in just a short 5 weeks! Clark and Terrie are away enjoying their honeymoon in Gatlinburg, TN. Best wishes and many blessings on this family!