Lynchburg, Va | Tabby Patterson Spring Senior Session

We've had the honor of photographing Tabby many times the last couple of years and it has truly been a pleasure to watch her grow in the Lord and mature into a wonderful young woman. During this last senior session with Tabby, her mom Alison brought Tabby's grandfather's suitcase as a prop. Here's what she said about it. 

Tabby was a year old not to long ago and now she’s almost graduating and almost 19.

"Today as I gathered items for Tabby's last set of senior photos, I came across some of my dad's items from when he was younger. Although I had planned to use his suitcase that he carried with him when he moved to the US from Germany as a young child, I had forgotten about some things that were in the suitcase that hold so much meaning. As I was pulling out the items to put to the side, I came across his tassel from his high school graduation cap and his passport. How fitting for Tabby to take a picture with his tassel as she graduates and his passport as she has accepted God's calling to head to South Africa and share the gospel of Jesus Christ. My dad passed away when Tabby was a little over a year. She doesn't remember him because he wasn't give much time in her life. So time passes by and we get older. I haven't forgotten about my dad at all, I hold him very close to my heart and thank God for the time we all had with him. What a bittersweet moment as we get Tabby ready for adult life. I'm reminded again at how short life really is. Tabby was a year old not to long ago and now she's almost graduating and almost 19. I'm so thankful God placed those items where I could easily find them. No my dad isn't here to watch her grow, but what a sweet way to share him with her as she took her pictures today."

What an incredible legacy that has been passed on! And now, here are some of our favorites from her session this spring.