Natalie's Equestrian Bridal Portraits in Southern Virginia

Natalie's Bridal Portraits-59.jpg

When it comes to a veterinarian’s bridal portraits, there really isn’t any other option but for them to include animals. Am I right? Happy the Horse was planned, but the photo-bombing ducks were a bonus! Natalie was on call during her bridal portraits, so we knew that at any second she might have to jump in the vet truck and go birth a cow or rescue somebody. But fortunately she didn’t, and instead we spent sunset with Natalie and her friend, a horse named Happy. He was quite happy to be a part of our session. :) He’s the thoroughbred son of a Kentucky Derby winner and a gorgeous animal. But when they first took him out to compete, he was so excited and out of control that he lost and was immediately retired from racing. He lives a pretty wonderful life with his owner Katie now!

Truly, this session was a dream. Natalie was breathtaking and these images just came out perfect. And now that Natalie and Kaleb are married, we get to share them with you all!

Thanks, Katie, for letting us use the gorgeous ranch and letting us use Happy for a model!

Jonathan MitchellComment