Matt & Christina's Engagement Session | Lynchburg Wedding Photographers at Bella Rose Plantation

Matt and Christina Engagement Session-42.jpg

These two. Are. The. Cutest couple. Ever.

Christina came all the way from Manhattan for their early morning engagement session at Bella Rose Plantation. It was our first time ever meeting them, but we hit it off right away and their session was SO much fun. We loved watching them together and how attentive they are to each other's needs. In this season of life, they're making their relationship work long distance as each of their jobs took them to different parts of the country. And as much as we hate that for them, we kind of love how sweet and giddy-excited they are to be back together again. 

If you're a photographer (or if you have an early morning drive), you know that morning sunlight can be really bright and tricky to work with. But Bella Rose has lots of surprising little nooks and crannies that were shaded from the sun and perfect places to cozy up and share a kiss. And Matt and Christina can't be back soon enough for their spring wedding at West Manor Estate!! 

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