Laura & Trevor's Sunset Engagement Session at the Peaks of Otter | Lynchburg Wedding Photographers in Moneta, VA

It's only about 30 hours until these two say their vows!! We're so grateful that they were able to squeeze in a quick engagement session with us. Laura just returned to the US from Canada after being apart from Trevor for 5 long months. Their relationship began as classmates, doing activities together as part of their brother/sister dorms at Liberty University, but it grew into something so much more for these two. Laura says that Trevor was the class clown and every girl in class had a crush on him - including a couple of her friends - so she didn't trust her feelings for him.

But Trevor only had eyes for her. At the end of the school year, before Laura had to go back to Canada, Trevor finally asked her on a date. That was almost 2 years ago. Now Laura has graduated with her MRS degree (can I get an "hallelujah" from my LU ladies!?!), Trevor is finishing up at Seminary, and it's TIME TO GET MARRIED!

We're SO excited to see them begin their lives together as she pursues teaching and he becomes a pastor in Lynchburg.

Over the last few months, they've had to change everything they had originally planned for their wedding and have fought bitterly for her U.S. citizenship.

But through it all, they've held onto each other, even separated across national borders, and have longed for the day they get to say... "I do".