Cory & Kayla's Elopement-Style Wedding at Glencliff Manor, Virginia

Cory and Kayla's Wedding-182.jpg

Cory and Kayla got married at Glencliff Manor in Lynchburg. The whole property was in full bloom right at the start of spring. They wanted to get married surrounded by those they loved, and they wanted it to be someplace beautiful (…and in her daddy’s sheriff jurisdiction, so he could marry them!). It was exactly that. The intimate ceremony with just their closest friends and family, twenty-four people total. Sadly, they left their puppy home for the day. After their short ceremony and sunset portraits, they had dinner with their guests, danced, gave toasts, and cut the cake! Then they were sent off with sparklers in Cory’s little red souped-up Porsche. Here are a few of our favorite moments through the evening, like the last few minutes of anticipation before Kayla went downstairs; her “something blue” being a school picture of Cory when he was in fifth grade; and that one last kiss underneath the string lights!