Corbin & Belen's Engagement Session, Pt. I: The Beach | Virginia Wedding Photographers at Smith Mountain Lake

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There's an old saying that goes like this: Ever since the days of Creation were completed, God has busied himself with matchmaking. If that's true, this one must have taken a little extra time to arrange.

Belen is from a small town in the mountains of Bolivia, between Brazil and Argentina. She has traveled the world and yet somehow ended up in Lynchburg for school and career. Corbin, meanwhile, grew up in a tiny town of 1,116 people and has only been outside of the continental U.S. once as a teenager. Neither of them was what the other had been looking for in a partner, but there was no denying the spark that ignited when a mutual friend introduced them.

After months of spending time together as friends, cooking together, going for walks together, spending every possible minute together, he asked her to be his girlfriend. 6 months later, he asked her to be his wife. And 4 months after that, they're getting married... but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Enjoy Part I of their engagement session on the beach at Smith Mountain Lake.