Our Daughter's 3rd Birthday at Coral Cove | West Palm Beach Wedding Photographers on Jupiter Island, FL

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Three. Three years ago you changed your dad's and my life forever! I've held back so many tears today for many reasons, but the biggest one being that I'm so proud to be your mom and of the person you are becoming. 

You are...

An incredible big sister! 
Daddy's girl
A great chef
A unique photographer
Your gramma's partner in crime
Your aunt's superhero side kick
Your grandpa's source of joy
Your dad's pride

You are our righteous little myrtle tree and we can already see your name being manifested in your actions and your spirit. This coming year I pray you continue to learn to take care of those weaker than you, you pursue to be like those greater than you, to learn to listen intently, to not fear getting your head wet, and that you run after the Lord with all your heart, soul, and mind!

I love you, Goose! 💕 

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