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Ben and Tresa, with their bridal party and families, all got ready for the wedding day at Tresca on 8th. They have an incredible bridal suite and common area upstairs in the old warehouse building to get ready and do final touches. Tresa had such a calming spirit about her, yet you could see the energy and excitement bursting just beneath the surface this chilly morning. Ben nervously paced around with his groomsmen, trying to make little jokes to take his mind off how nervous he was to see his bride for the first time. But before he was able to see her, she got to steal away a few moments with her dad. 
Her dad's reaction to seeing his daughter in her wedding gown could not have been any better 💕 Tresa’s mom and dad had been in a car accident the night before, and now her dad was suffering from a concussion. That didn’t stop this lifelong military man from showing his daughter how truly excited he was for her! As soon as he turned around to face her, nothing could have slowed him down from rushing to give his daughter the biggest, most excited hug ever. 

Ben was equally blown away when he turned around to see his radiant bride. After a few portraits, which we'll come back to later, they ran down to the street to catch a ride to the chapel where they would commit their lives together!

Getting Ready & Reception: Tresca on 8th
Snidow Chapel

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