Andrew & Jane's Engagement Session, Pt. II | Lynchburg Wedding Photographers at Kent Island, Maryland

They met at church camp in the summer of 2010. While they were there, they didn't really think much of each other because they were focused on serving the kids. But once they returned home, Andrew took a huge leap and messaged her on Facebook. Jane was surprised at his message since he was 3 years older than she was (which was also very surprising to her parents). Andrew went off to college that fall and her parents set boundaries in place for their relationship.

Looking back now, they're both so grateful for that time to grow and mature. It didn't stop them from thinking of each other though. And then one night, after two years almost completely cut off from each other, Jane's dad called Andrew invited him to breakfast. Andrew was terrified and didn't know what was going to happen, but to his greatest joy Jane's dad was finally giving him his blessing to date his daughter!

They've been together now for 4 years (3 of which were long distance), and last December he proposed to her in the snow in Maryland. They are both sooooo excited to begin their lives together! Jane is in school to be a as physical therapist and Andrew is a wedding cinematographer. And together, they're one amazingly beautiful and adventurous couple!

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