Altavista, VA | The Mommy & Me Sessions with Jamie & Kentley

Jamie told us that it had been 3 years since she'd commissioned a mommy and me session of Kentley and herself. So much changes in 3 years! We were so honored to capture their relationship at this stage in little Kentley's life. They had a great time walking through the gardens together at Avoca. 

I asked Jamie what her favorite thing about Kentley is and she said that she loved how smart she was and her kind heart. Kentley told us that she loves to read! She's such an intelligent, confident, kind little woman, and we know exactly where she gets it from - we've been friends with Jamie for a few years, and she is a truly beautiful soul.

Thank you so much for allowing us to capture these precious moments between you two! We can't wait for your canvas and prints to come in. They're going to look amazing in your home, and we're sure that Kentley is going to treasure these images with her mom her whole life.